Haiti, 2010

Location: Haiti, Port Au Prince

Date: 12th January 2010

Incident: 7.0 earthquake

No. of People Affected:

No. of Clarion Team members deployed:

Achievements: Inception of Clarion (Previously IMAT)

On January 12, 2010 at 1653hr local time, the nation of Haiti was struck by a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake. In the days immediately following, this unprecedented disaster, the International Medical Assistance Team was formed and deployed into the epicentre. Where they were extremely effective, quickly establishing contact and collaboration with the UN, local government officials and law enforcement, the US and Canadian Military, as well as other arriving resources.

In March of 2010, IMAT relocated its field hospital from Leogane to Port au Prince and began providing care for one of the largest IDP camps in Haiti

After responding to the earthquake in 2010, Clarion had established good relationships in Haiti.  When we received a large donation we decided to continue the work we had started as the earthquake caused huge devastation in an already suffering country.  When assessing where the need was we decided to focus on Cholera as a huge epidemic had broken out, and it is a disease that is relatively simple to treat.   From 2012 we have successfully ran an 18 month project- running Cholera Treatment centers in outreach locations.

Cholera Treatment Clinics (CTCs)

Location: Haiti, Williamson, Petite Bois, Fond Baptiste

Date: October 2012 – March 2014

Incident: Cholera Epidemic

No. of People Affected: (Jo to get numbers)

No. of Clarion Team members deployed:

Achievements: Running of 18 month project – Cholera Treatment Centres treating and educating local communities in remote locations.

CTCs were set up to provide medical care, support and education to remote communities who were unable to access treatment for cholera.  The mountainous locations were targeted as this is the source of the infection when rain fall occurs in Haiti. If better sanitation can be achieved in these higher locations it can prevent further contamination as rainfall continues.

The overall aim of the project was to provide COMMUNITY OUTREACH & EDUCATION as well as treat across our three centres.  We have seen an inverse relationship between our efforts and contraction.  Our intention was to achieve prevention so that individuals avoid contracting Cholera as a result of better sanitation and cleaner water supplies.



The Williamson CTC is located 187 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL on national route 1 from Port-Au-Prince and St Medard, in the Archaie district in the Quest Department of Haiti.

Williamson is the LARGEST CLINIC, being at a lower ground level it services not only its locality, but a number of communities who travel from local mountains requiring more urgent treatment.  Due to it’s closer proximity to hospital facilities, and greater access to supplies.

The progress of the community outreach/education is not directly represented in the statistics, as Williamson acts as the ‘REFERAL FACILITY’ of the CTCs with the patients coming from far and wide to this centrally located facility.

The Williamson facility has two permanent STAFF NURSES who work in rotation in 12 hour shifts, and when cases are high they work through the night.

Williamson has two tented clinics and a total of 24 BEDS.

Fond Baptiste

The Fond Baptiste CTC is located 4,167 FEET above SEA LEVEL in a remote market town found in the mountains of the Archaie district in the quest department of Haiti.  Roads & mountain paths are  narrow, steep and uneven, they regularly crumble and boulders are often found in the roads as a result of land slide, making this a tough location for even a 4X4 to access.  As you ascend the mountain the earth becomes rich and fertile making it a prime location for farming, but treacherous for accessing.

Fond Baptiste is the SECOND LARGEST CLINIC, and is also the most remote and difficult to access.

The progress of the COMMUNITY OUTREACH/EDUCATION Has been very successful in this region, combined with the lack of rainfall, this has meant that there have been no cases, and the clinic closed in the months of June and July.

The Fond Baptiste facility has one STAFF NURSE who works at the clinic, during a spike in cases additional staff can be hired to assist especially when patients need care throughout the night.

Fond Baptiste has one main tented clinic, the second was damaged during a storm, but is still used as an overflow if further beds are needed.  It has a capacity total of 20 BEDS.

Petite Bois

The Petit Bois CTC is located 3,583 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL, In the upper reaches of a deforested valley, two and half miles long and a mile and a half wide. In the broader landscape, the town is but a wrinkle, part of a tangled mix of ridges and ravines.  Like the other CTCs it is based in the Archaie district in the quest department of Haiti and supports additional outlying villages.

Petit Bois is the SMALLEST CLINIC, and although difficult to access it is closer to the main roads than Fond Baptiste.

The Petit Bois facility has two STAFF NURSES who work at the clinic, and when cases demand it they will rotate 12 hour shifts, to enable them to work through the night.

Petit Bois has one tented clinic with 12 BEDS, but benefits from having a store room in the VILLAGE’S COMMUNITY HALL, this store room is also where the nurse will sleep.

Like most rural areas in Haiti, the 3,575 PEOPLE of Petit Bois labor for survival as subsistence farmers.  Deforestation, dating back generations, has led to environmental damage: soil erosion, declining agricultural productivity, and degraded standards of living – a scenario all too common in the Haitian countryside.

Food Together, we can feed 10,000 people!   Cost: US $8,700  
Credit: Washington Post Emergency winter kits for Syrian Refugees - Containing wool scarves, hats, socks, gloves, long underwear, sweaters and fuel.  $20.45 USD will provide a kit for a single person. Cost US $5,000
Ethiopia-WASHb Together, we can provide 136,800 litres of clean drinking water per day.   Cost US $18,000
IMG_4724 Our Field Hospital will service 10,000 people for 90 days. Cost US $11,200

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