Typhoon Haiyan has
devastated much of
the Philippines this
last weekend
The damage is catastrophic
and has completely
flattened many urban
and rural areas...
leaving hundreds of
thousands of people
without shelter, food,
water, or medical

Clarion Global Response – Answering the call

Clarion GR is a small team of emergency responders from the USA and UK who are flying to the Philippines to provide essential Humanitarian Aid to the worse hit areas.

Our action plan is to focus and assist in Tacloban which is the worse hit of the most difficult to access regions. This week, we need support to provide clean water, food and medical supplies to Tacloban.


Each Medical pack that we provide will service 10,000 people for 90 days.

Cost US $11,200


We urgently need a NOMAD water purification system (our current NOMAD is being used in a remote region of Pakistan) that can produce 136,800 litres of fresh water daily, indefinitely.

Cost US $18,000


Cholera and Diarrhea packs for 10,000 people.

Cost US $5,000


Emergency Food ration packs for 10,000 people – per day.

Cost: US $8,700

(87 cents per person, per day)

Clarion GR is sending a team of Doctors, Paramedics and First responders to Manila. We have been given guarantees from the US military that they will then fly our team in to Tacloban in a military aircraft. Once on the ground, our team will enlist local medical experts and provide support and provisions to create camps and field hospitals for as many displaced people as our supplies can support. The most immediate action required is to ensure that disease is kept in check with clean water and medical supplies.

Please help us to respond now to the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives currently depend on our help.

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501(c)(3) Status EIN: 27-2052341 Clarion Global Response is a project of International Medical Assistance Team (IMAT)